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Gym Studio

InBody(Body component)measurement

InBody(Body component)measurement

Once 550yen(tax included)
※Accepted at any time. Facility usage fees will be charged separately.

Swimming school

Swimming school is not in operation at this time.

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Studio Lesson

Studio Lesson03 Studio Lesson03

Aerobics Step

Aero 40
40 min.
For 40 minutes, the entire body is moved in a balanced and rhythmical manner.
As you lose track of time and have fun moving your body, you will burn fat and gain endurance.
Step muscle con 40
40 min.
Strength training is performed using dumbbells and other equipment while ascending and descending to the step platform.
Those with no previous step experience are also welcome to join.
Step 40
40 min.
This lesson consists of repeated ascending and descending exercises on a step platform in time with music.

Studio lesson 01 Studio lesson 01

Training & Fighting

Muscle training for everyone
10 min.
A simple 10-minute strength training session that anyone can do.
Ball Exercise 30
30 min.
Core (torso) training and stretching using balance balls and small balls.
Healthy Strength Exercises 40
40 min.
Muscles are exercised using a variety of methods.
Build a body that can properly support its own weight.

Studio lesson 04 Studio lesson 04


Yoga 40
40 min.
These lessons incorporate ancient Indian health practices that harmonize the mind, body, and chi.
Each asana (pose) is performed in a relaxed manner, leading to a more relaxed state.
Power Yoga 40
40 min.
These lessons incorporate ancient Indian health practices that harmonize the mind, body, and chi.
Focuses on flowing movements and more active physical activity.

Studio lesson 02 Studio lesson 02

Conditioning and Relaxation

Gymnastics for Everyone
10 min.
As a first step to make exercise a habit, we will enjoy doing "Radio Exercise No.1" with everyone, followed by "Brain Exercise," a simple mental exercise.
Stretch 40
40 min.
By stretching muscles in a relaxed and comfortable manner, this lesson relieves tension and facilitates physical movement.
Smooth & Healing 40
40 min.
This conditioning program uses poles to adjust the core (torso) and relax the muscles of various parts of the body, including the limbs, to achieve a more mobile (functional) body.
Body Detox 40
40 min.
It stimulates the soles of the feet and lymphatic system to promote blood circulation and the elimination of waste products, and also resets the body to its natural state.

Pool Lesson

Pool lessons are not available at this time.
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